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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adieu - finally Signing out from IBM too

Another Adieu... Caution.. Its a looong one!

Hi everyone,
                To all those who know me,  this is my Last week in IBM with my LWD being moments away on tomorrow.  i don't know to express how i exactly feel now & I do not know how i might spend the last moments, so just wanted to communicate now. 

After travelling 5+ years i could now realize that IBM has been more than an IT company to me. IBM has been like a second home to me. I have seen life here in many ways. The journey had a mixed feel of all joy, sorrow and been even challenging at times, yet a wonderful learning opportunity not only limited to technical aspects but in many perspectives.

Being the first company in my career I really had memorable journey in my tenure here. The cherishing memories I take from here can never fade away. I strongly believe they are my treasure of my memorable beginning in IBM. Still long long way to go and explore...

For all my M.S buddies who started your career with me, I am sure and i personally feel that the journey had been very challenging and bad at times, yet a wonderful opportunity in the beginning of a career.

Like everyone of you do, I too badly miss our weekend MS classes, seminars, mini Projects, lectures, naps in class, silly arguments/fight, last minute preparation for exams... and many more... Those are all nostalgic memories that I am gonna miss very dearly but will cherish all through my life :D

I'm happy that the positive energy we shared  really pushed us through the years  of journey and finally made us to be one among the Proud MS degree holders.

I am certainly happy for having made good friends and I sincerely hope our paths will cross again in the future.

I wish to say two thing. Sorry & thank you. I'm sure almost everyone would have felt to say these two words in most times in the journey of life and here comes mine.

I'm Sorry
to anyone who felt that i have hurt you in anyway in this journey. I'm sure it might not be intentional/personal and may be as part of job, scenario i was in and the commitments i had might have forced/made me to do something which might not have been nice to you. Sorry again.

Thank you to all my project mates, friends and MS buddies in IBM. 

All of you were really wonderful & co-operative. Thank you so much for being there to count on during tuf/challenging times, for being so Good, supportive.
Many Many Thanks to all the great pillars that always surrounded & supported me all through the journey both directly and indirectly.

In IBM i learned how to walk when I was just toddling. Now that I ve learnt to walk a little but wishing to walk away. My heart is already heavy n wants to stay when my mind has already made up to leave. I am bit emotional and i could only think of this saying to keep me going "Change is a necessary phenomenon , change is inevitable, change is permanent".,  So i'm moving on.. I am afraid of looking back and reviewing some things that has happened and some that hasn't . I wish to take only the lessons learned in each and everything, thank and depart as soon as I can, strongly believing in a tomorrow filled with challenges, surprises, happiness...  hoping that  the path is the one i longed for.. ..towards a tomorrow that will evolve me and make me a better person than now, complete and fulfill my yesterday's wants and dreams.

Wishing each and every one of you success, happiness and all the very best in all your endeavors.

If you are not busy and if you have some time, then you can give it a try to read this.  I read it and felt worth sharing.  

                        craked_pot.ppt          Happiness Is A Voyage.PPS

"There're many suspense's,sorrows,surprises stored for the next minute in this world. Meeting you all is also one such surprise i hope. I'm embarking on a journey with a hope on this surprise springing world. I believe that there are many pleasant surprises in store for your future...."

I will miss you all and IBM a lot..  and i hope i can get back someday and work with all of you again !!